RalfEckert Lambda AFIP19Ralf Martin Eckert started his businesses activities in 1978 in the management and sales for a packaging manufacturer for flexo and gravure print. In the middle of the 80s, he moved to a software manufacturer for cut- and computer-to-plate systems. In 1992, he started inkjet activities in the ColorChemie Group. In 1996, he founded Dicojet GmbH, a spin-off from ColorChemie Group. During this time, he and his team developed some of the most advanced systems for industrial inkjet applications, i.a. 7-colour-printing by Küppers, pigmented colour systems for high pressure laminate applications and the development of the corresponding coatings. As of 2003, NIR and carbon drying systems have also been developed for these applications. Since 2012, he has been an independent consultant for inkjet applications.
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